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Frequently Asked Questions


How much will it cost per person?

Depending on the number of days, the destination, quality of accommodation, number of people per room etc. the price could vary dramatically.

Does your price include everything?

The tour is designed specifically per group so it could include absolutely everything or certain activities or meals could be at an additional expense.

Do most of your groups finance their trips through fundraising?

Most groups do at least some fundraising towards their trip.


Do you recommend certain destinations?

All destinations are possible and can make for a fabulous trip. Depends primarily on your sport and the time of year that you would like to go.

How do the groups travel, once arrived at the destination?

Always on luxury coach.

Are all your groups fully escorted?

Yes, except when requested otherwise.

How are decisions made concerning the cultural side of the trip?

This is done in collaboration with us and the group organizers. However, we have many many recommendations to make.


How can we be sure that we play teams that are at our level?

Through our experience and contacts that is guaranteed.

Do you cater to all sports?


How long in advance do we have to book?

That depends in part on your chosen dates. Certain dates need to be reserved at least a year in advance. School breaks, official holidays etc obviously need more advance notice then mid January, as an example.

Are you aware of what tournaments are available in various parts of the world?

Yes, and we can make recommendations to you.>

Age Groups

Regarding youth teams, are accommodations always in hotels?

No, they can be billeted with local families in certain instances.

Can parents accompany the team?

Of course. The number of people in the group is entirely the groups decision.

What is the youngest age a team could consider travelling?

Ideally the participants should be at least twelve years old.