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Sports Team Fundraising
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You Already Have the Tools

Getting your team traveling is an entirely achievable goal for most organizations. Through a combination of player/student fundraising activities and corporate solicitation, it is entirely possible to raise enough money to fund a week-long trip for your entire team within a year.

H OT Sports Sports can help you do this.

How Much?

In 2005, a one-week trip with all meals and transportation included can cost approximately $2000 in Canadian dollars. This is an estimate based on current fares and rates, with some cultural activities planned during the trip. Some trips will cost more, some less.

Raising $2000 per person over the course of a year is quite achievable for most organizations.

How to Do It

There are a variety of methods that you can employ:
  • First, and often most effective, is corporate sponsorship. Contact your local businesses, or your own employer, or sports equipment manufacturers. Many of these companies would be willing to contribute to your team's project in exchange for promotional placement. Send at least 25 letters to various companies and organizations.
  • Second, hold fundraising activities: Bingo games, golf tournaments, pledge walks. Make sure that you promote them prominently as fundraisers for youth activities. Contact local radio stations to get your fundraisers announced.
  • Third, speak to everyone you know: friends, family, co-workers. Small donations can add up surprisingly quickly.
  • Fourth, make sure that your team members participate in the fundraising activities. Youngsters can bag groceries in local stores, or hold car washes. Not only is this a great way to contribute to the trip, it keeps the members of your team involved in the process.

If you need more help organizing your fundraising activities, talk to us.

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